AWS Device Farm

AWS Device Farm is an app testing service that lets you test and interact with your Android, iOS, and web apps on many devices at once, or reproduce issues on a device in real time. View video, screenshots, logs, and performance data to pinpoint and fix issues before shipping your app.nbsp;

Key Links

API Paths

Create Device Pool (GET) /?Action=CreateDevicePool OpenAPI
Create Project (GET) /?Action=CreateProject OpenAPI
Create Remote Access Session (GET) /?Action=CreateRemoteAccessSession OpenAPI
Create Upload (GET) /?Action=CreateUpload OpenAPI
Delete Device Pool (GET) /?Action=DeleteDevicePool OpenAPI
Delete Project (GET) /?Action=DeleteProject OpenAPI
Delete Remote Access Session (GET) /?Action=DeleteRemoteAccessSession OpenAPI
Delete Run (GET) /?Action=DeleteRun OpenAPI
Delete Upload (GET) /?Action=DeleteUpload OpenAPI
Get Account Settings (GET) /?Action=GetAccountSettings OpenAPI
Get Device (GET) /?Action=GetDevice OpenAPI
Get Device Pool (GET) /?Action=GetDevicePool OpenAPI
Get Device Pool Compatibility (GET) /?Action=GetDevicePoolCompatibility OpenAPI
Get Offering Status (GET) /?Action=GetOfferingStatus OpenAPI
Get Project (GET) /?Action=GetProject OpenAPI
Get Remote Access Session (GET) /?Action=GetRemoteAccessSession OpenAPI
Get Upload (GET) /?Action=GetUpload OpenAPI
Install To Remote Access Session (GET) /?Action=InstallToRemoteAccessSession OpenAPI
List Artifacts (GET) /?Action=ListArtifacts OpenAPI
List Device Pools (GET) /?Action=ListDevicePools OpenAPI
List Devices (GET) /?Action=ListDevices OpenAPI
List Jobs (GET) /?Action=ListJobs OpenAPI
List Offerings (GET) /?Action=ListOfferings OpenAPI
List Offering Transactions (GET) /?Action=ListOfferingTransactions OpenAPI
List Projects (GET) /?Action=ListProjects OpenAPI
List Remote Access Sessions (GET) /?Action=ListRemoteAccessSessions OpenAPI
List Runs (GET) /?Action=ListRuns OpenAPI
List Samples (GET) /?Action=ListSamples OpenAPI
List Suites (GET) /?Action=ListSuites OpenAPI
List Tests (GET) /?Action=ListTests OpenAPI
List Unique Problems (GET) /?Action=ListUniqueProblems OpenAPI
List Uploads (GET) /?Action=ListUploads OpenAPI
Purchase Offering (GET) /?Action=PurchaseOffering OpenAPI
Renew Offering (GET) /?Action=RenewOffering OpenAPI
Schedule Run (GET) /?Action=ScheduleRun OpenAPI
Stop Remote Access Session (GET) /?Action=StopRemoteAccessSession OpenAPI
Stop Run (GET) /?Action=StopRun OpenAPI
Update Device Pool (GET) /?Action=UpdateDevicePool OpenAPI
Update Project (GET) /?Action=UpdateProject OpenAPI